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Visit the Stuart Collection

Visiting the Stuart Collection

The Stuart Collection at UC San Diego has commissioned more than 20 outdoor public sculptures by leading artists of our time. The permanent collection is distinguished from a traditional sculpture garden by its site-specific nature with many of the installations fused to university buildings and integrated into the landscape of the 1,200-acre university. Please note that some sculptures are inside buildings, and may not be accessible on holidays that campus is closed. 

The best way to visit the collection is to use the Interactive Campus Map with Stuart Collection noted (link)


 Additional helpful information for visiting campus: 


Visit Fallen Star by Do Ho Suh

Tours are limited to groups (up to 30 people) for 30 minute time-slots on Wednesdays, and individuals (up to 10 people) for 15 minute time-slots on Thursdays. Fallen Star is located on the 7th floor of Jacob's Hall

Walking Map from Gilman Parking/Trolley to Fallen Star


Map of UCSD and walking path from parking/trolley to Fallen Star sculpture.


Virtual Tour of the Stuart Collection